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NEW: Refurbishment News

In November 2016, a Faculty was granted by the Bishop of Ely's Registry that gives us permission to proceed with the work of re-ordering the church. Our application for a variation on that Faculty, to remove the underfloor heating requirement, was approved in June 2017. The new nave altar rail is under construction, with four of the six units built, and will be in place late in 2017. The tenders for the major works have been received (August 2017) and an order placed with the chosen contractor (September). The requested start time for the main work is January 2018 and it is estimated that the work will take three to four months to complete. This timeframe will enable a planned response to requests for weddings and baptisms, as well as for additional grant applications and appeals for funds. As of the end of September 2017 we require approximately a further £50,000 to cover costs.

Below are two drawings showing the expected layout of the church once the refurbishment work has been completed.

In July 2017 a small group from All Saints' visited the workshop of Designs on Metal to speak to the artist Nigel Kaines and to catch up on his progress with the altar rail. The photograph below shows Nigel (right) accompanied by Mac Dowdy, who designed the six panels, standing next to the two completed units; in the foreground are the metalic components of the third panel laid out ready for the welding process.