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    This week’s edition
    We lead this week with an ambitious new drive in the Church to combat the threat of irreversible climate change. The new recommendations from the Environmental Advisory Group are aimed at every part of the Church up and down the country.   And also on the front page we report on the tributes made in […]

    Bishop criticises Grenfell report timing
    THE TIMING of the Grenfell Inquiry report has been criticised by the Bishop of Kensington. The Rt Rev Graham Tomlin said that publishing the Phase One report the day before the supposed Brexit deadline of 31 October meant that it would be overshadowed by other news reports. Writing for the Evening Standard, the Bishop said […]

    Red tape concern for refugee crisis
    RED TAPE is holding back refugees, the Archbishop of York has said. Writing in The Observer, Dr John Sentamu said that ‘there are unnecessarily bureaucratic obstacles in the path of refugees in the UK, holding them back from working when they are raring to go’. “I must declare an interest. In Christ’s words, ‘I was […]