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Reordering Project

April 2018: The reordering of All Saints' Church has been completed! A new beautiful space has been created and access to the church greatly improved. This ends a long and sometimes difficult journey for All Saints' that started a decade ago with a vision for the future that has now been realised.

The church is now open during the day all week - please come to see for yourself and enjoy our quiet place.



Update Easter 2018

The project is very close to completion, with the first use of the reordered church being the Watch after the Maundy Thursday meal and service in the Hall. Good Friday's Service of Reflection and all Easter Sunday services will be in church.

Below is an updated photo of the church and one of the wonderful team of craftsmen from Brown and Ralph.


Update March 2018

The stone floor for the new area in the SW of the church has been completed, with the font relocated much closer to the main South entrance:


Update February 2018

Rapid progress is being made, with the stone floor of the porch re-layed to bring the exterior and interior to the same level. The new, beautiful stone floor is also taking shape, as shown below: 


Update January 2018

The company carrying out the reordering work, Brown and Ralph have now started the main phase of the work which will take until Easter. The work includes removal and re-use of many of the pews, installation of a new stone floor, re-location of the font and applying a slope to the South porch floor to maintain a single level within the church. During this period, the church will remain closed, with regular Sunday services being held in All Saints' Hall. Some pictures (below) show the progress after one week:


This talk about the reordering and the roof repair work was given at the Fellowship Tea on Monday 15th January 2018.

Update December 2017

On Sunday 17th December the new altar rail was used for the first time, along with a nave altar. This marks the completion of the first phase of the reordering project and includes the carpeted dais and new carpet in the chancel and sancturary. The picture shows part of the rail, along with Advent and Christmas decorations.



Update November 2017. The work to build and instal the dais began on Monday 20th November. This work will be completed by mid December. Services will continue to be held in church during this work.


In November 2016, a Faculty was granted by the Bishop of Ely's Registry that gives us permission to proceed with the work of re-ordering the church. Our 2017 application for a variation on that Faculty, to remove the underfloor heating requirement, was approved in June 2017. The new nave altar rail is under construction, with four of the six units built, and will be in place late in 2017. The tenders for the major works have been received (August 2017) and an order placed with the chosen contractor (September). The  start time for the main work is early January 2018 and it is estimated that the work will take three to four months to complete. This timeframe will enable a planned response to requests for weddings and baptisms, as well as for additional grant applications and appeals for funds. As of the end of September 2017 we require approximately a further £50,000 to cover costs.

Below are two drawings showing the expected layout of the church once the refurbishment work has been completed.

In July 2017 a small group from All Saints' visited the workshop of Designs on Metal to speak to the artist Nigel Kaines and to catch up on his progress with the altar rail. The photograph below shows Nigel (right) accompanied by Mac Dowdy, who designed the six panels, standing next to the two completed units; in the foreground are the metalic components of the third panel laid out ready for the welding process.

September 2017 update: Some members of the church recently visited the studio to see the altar rail in progress, and were very enthusiastic. One said, 'The pictures don't convey the amazing texture and depth that the panels have and the way that they will catch the light.'  Another said, 'The craftsmanship is magnificent.' 
One member of the congregation is enthusiastically taking forward the needlework for a nave altar frontal to complement the new rail, and a small section of the work in progress is shown below.  The design echoes one of the main elements in panel 4, and the sections of needlework are all different stitches, to give textures and reflect light. There are 22 adult members of the congregation and the Women's Institute working on it, and some of the Tuesday Church children will also be taking part in creating a bit of history. The group is called 'The All Saints' Stitchers' and they are aged from 9 to 99 years old!
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